Our adaptability to customers’ requests comes with frequent inspections of the production processes and products, performed by the customers or by the international standard authorities.

Quality is our most important feature, which keeps the customers satisfied and loyal. However, quality does not happen on its own; it has to be clearly defined and requires joint effort. We need close collaboration to keep reducing waste and thus improve our quality.

The highest level of quality can only be ensured with constant testing in our own labs, the results of which are a concrete proof of our improvement and confirmation of our achievement. This allows us to provide feedback to our employees and help them improve the weakest areas.

The quality of our products, which comply with the technical standards, creates great partnerships. The forgings, which are mostly produced for the automotive industry, are characterised by their strength and reliability even in the worst conditions. Their quality is confirmed by different standards, testing results, and quality awards.

The business performance of the Forge programme (warm forging, cold forging, mechanical treatment, sintering) is based on the international quality management standard ISO 9001, automotive industry standards QS9000, and ITAF 16949, and the international environmental management standard ISO 14001, for which we have certificates.

Standards in PDF form: