About us


A century of work and experience is the reason that today, our forge programme has a global reach and that it keeps increasing its market share, together with the related companies. The sales volume of forgings accounts for almost 60% of the company’s portfolio, for which we must thank around 1,000 hard-working employees.

The drop forged products, which we first put on the market in the 1950s, were initially intended to answer the needs of the industry, but soon gained recognition in the production of cars and other vehicles. An important milestone was a contract with the Renault group, which allowed us to establish a joint forging factory.

Markets and customers

More than three quarters of the Forge programme are produced for the automotive industry, while the rest and the sintered parts are used in other programmes and for our own hand tool production.

For the automotive industry, Unior produces all kinds of forgings, with a special place being given to the so-called safety forgings. Our basic activity is warm steel forging, complemented by the mechanical treatment of forgings and sintering.