We are one of the most important suppliers of forged automotive parts for the most reputable automotive manufacturers in Europe and their system suppliers. We supply them with complex forged parts for undercarriages and steering components, and we also provide pre-processed forged parts and sintered products. The certificates, testing and awards for excellence are the evidence for our quality, technical perfection, and compliance with strict safety requirements.


Our main products are:

  • forged parts for undercarriage segments and steering mechanism parts (the annual production of over 30 million pieces places us among the largest forges worldwide);
  • connecting rods for automobile petrol and diesel engines (the annual production of over 16 million pieces places us among the largest forges in Europe);
  • forged parts for in-house hand tool production;
  • various forged parts for the automotive industry;
  • processing of all kinds of our own forged and sintered part for the automotive industry and other customers;
  • sintered parts (chain sprockets, belt pulleys, connecting rods, flanges, impellers and oil pump housings, self-lubricating slide bearings and bushings, soft magnetic stators and rotors for electric motors).