Thanks to our history, tradition, and vision, we are today the largest manufacturer in the world of forgings for personal vehicle steering mechanisms. In other words, four out of five European cars include at least one part that was made by us.

Modern equipment and production system and our work methods are compliant with the industry trends and we only make products of the highest quality. This is also proven by numerous statements, testing results, and quality awards.

We are proud to offer our customers the widest possible range of solutions by supplying drop forged products as well as mechanically treated forgings and sintered parts.

Our competitive advantage is that we offer, both within the Forge programme and within the company, the option “from quality steel to treated forging”, meaning that:

  • Thanks to the ownership share, we can develop steel of the highest and non-standard quality at the request of our customers;
  • Our development department takes into account the wishes of our customers and can develop the products on its own or in cooperation with the customer;
  • We make all the tools needed for production of these products in our own tool workshop;
  • Our factories treat forgings and sintered parts we produce, with the machines we developed and made;
  • The production of our joint factory in China allows us to direct development in the field of connecting rods and steering mechanism and supply the parts on the global level.